Our Company

Andes Quality S.A. was formed in 2008 by two ex ConAgra companies; J.F. Braun & Sons (leading supplier of dried fruits and nuts in North America, member of the Gellert Global Group) and AgraCom (Chilean raisin processor). Bringing managerial experience of more than 30 years in raisin processing, they built one of the most modern and efficient raisin processing plants in South America.

The company currently exports raisins worldwide to the most demanding markets in terms of quality such as USA, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland and others. Concern for environmental protection is a priority, complying with all government regulations especially related to water and residue treatment. Solar panels installed at the facility are used to supply the electrical energy required.

Andes Quality S.A. continues to expand its geographical reach as well as products and services offered with new packaging options directed to retail and wholesale customers.